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Help bring your energy back into balance with this beautiful Chakra tumble set.

We each have 7 energy centres known as Chakras where vital energy flows throughout the body. When one or more chakras is out of balance we can feel moody, depressed, afraid to speak up, unable to express ourselves, ungrounded and the list goes on.

Use these stones along with visualisation to help maintain your energy centres between Reiki sessions.

Crown ~ Clear Quartz

3rd Eye ~ Amethyst

Throat ~ Angelite

Heart ~ Rose Quartz

Solar Plexus ~ Orange Aventurine

Sacral ~ Tigers Eye

Root ~ Red Jasper

This set also comes with a gorgeous 14cm Selenite Moon charging bowl.

Keep your stones in this bowl to keep them cleansed between uses. Selenite is a self cleansing stone and can be used to cleanse other crystals.

Chakra Set with Moon Charging Bowl

SKU: 001
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