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These gorgeous Selenite charging plates come in a round design and are approx 14cm wide. Use this charging plate to cleanse and charge your crystals, simply place them on the plate and try and leave them on there for a full 24 hours.


Our crystals should be cleansed regularly, and using a charging plate is a really easy way to do that. You should cleanse your crystals when:

- You first bring them home

- You haven't used them in a while

- You want to reprogram them with a new intention

- You've used them for healing work on others 

- Your intuitively feel they need it.


Apart from cleansing your other crystals, Selenite has many other healing properties. It is a very protective stone, keeping your aura clear of any negative energy. It's also a very calming stone, bringing clarity of mind, peace, and helps bring a higher understanding. This is helpful for strengthening your intuition. 

Selenite Astrology Wheel Charging Plate

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