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Feel free to take the time to read some of the recent reviews that some of my lovely clients have left.

Image by Evie S.

Sam | Gold Coast

"After feeling a bit lost and uncertain in myself, I asked Tammy for an email reading. I honestly didn’t expect a lot out of an email reading but WOW! She was so spot on with so many things. She made me feel so happy within myself and the path I had been taking in life. Even a few months down the track and little things are popping up that she predicted. She’s absolutely incredible and highly recommend."

Amy | Gold Coast

“Tammy is amazing. Her ability to connect with my guides blew me away. She provides compassion, love and kindness in her sessions and I know she will always be there to support me in my journey."

Image by Liz Vo
Image by Heather Ford

Arzu | Gold Coast

“I had a reading with Tammy a couple of weeks ago now and she is nothing short of amazing and it’s crazy the things she told me! She mentioned things that no one could possibly know and was on the money. Not only did she do an amazing reading she also gave me guidance to an issue I was experiencing, and I felt that with her words I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so excited over the next few weeks to see about other things she mentioned but I would 100% recommend Tammy for a reading!”

Karley | Gold Coast

“There are no words to describe Tammy’s abilities. In the lowest moment of my life Tammy offered me guidance and strength through a reading. She was able to connect to my past loved one and the information that came through only I would know those details. She was able to connect with my spirit guides and offer guidance that has helped me begin my healing journey. I made an appointment for Reiki, I walked out of there feeling light and clear minded. I honestly can not thank her enough, looking forward to my next Reiki session. I will not go anywhere else.”

Image by Eric Wüstenhagen

Bree | Gold Coast

Every now and then, someone really special comes along and helps to improve your life in every single way; Tammy is that person for me! I've been seeing Tammy for Reiki sessions for years now and she has brought nothing but light into my life. Tammy has helped guide me through some really dark times and she has empowered me to rise above, to keep my heart open and to see my worth. Every session is so unique, personable and special. I feel completely safe and comfortable with Tammy and I eagerly await my Reiki sessions with her every four weeks. For anyone looking for healing or guidance, please go and see Tammy, you certainly will not regret it! She is not only an exceptional healer and intuitive but she is only such a beautiful human! Everyone deserves to have a Tammy in their corner! Thank you for everything Tammy, I appreciate you more than you'll ever know and I'll be a client for life! 


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